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Clean Water is a growing worldwide priority that is addressed by nutrient and contaminant removal solutions developed by MetaMateria. These help others better manage contaminates that degrade Water Quality. Our media products utilize unique porous ceramics that provide a platform for bioremediation and nanotechnology solutions that consistently outperform competitive approaches. Media often can be regenerated and reused and allow economic recovery of phosphorus and other important compounds, not offered by others.  

MetaMateria Technologies delivers nutrient and contaminant removal solutions for Water Cleanup and Waste Water applications. Our BIO and PO4 Sponge products leverage the latest in nanotechnology and consistently outperform competitive solutions! We can Remove and Recover reactive phosphorus and high surface area substrates enhance bioremediation to sustain multiple colonies of beneficial bacteria. Nano-modified media removes metals, such as arsenic, selenium, mercury, lead, copper, and nickel ions and help destroy pathogens and other harmful trace organics.

Other applications for MetaMateria technology include preparation of specialty materials or parts that provide higher performance in superconductors and other energy and infrastructure applications. MetaMateria’s principal focus is on Clean Water, which is essential for human existence and is a growing worldwide priority. Water quality affects the growth of seafood, use of recreational lakes and water bodies, and availability of clean drinking water. MetaMateria environmental products help provide more efficient and economical approaches for cleaning water that consistently outperform other approaches.



MetaMateria environmental products offer highly efficient and economic solutions for improving water quality in many applications.

  • Waste Water cleanup is enhanced for industry and municipalities by removal of contaminants.
  • Metal Ions and other harmful contaminants removed.
  • Recreational Water has improved water quality that allows greater use.
  • Blue-Green Algae blooms are reduced along with associated toxins 
  • Aquaculture/Aquatics water is improved to reduce loss and improve quality 
  • Agriculture water runoff cleaned of nutrients and undesirable contaminants
  • Trace Pharmaceuticals, insecticides, pathogens are captured or broken down
  • Waste Gas can be cleaned of harmful contaminants
  • Phosphorus removed at high rates, media can be reused and phosphorus can be recovered.

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