Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage facilities use large amounts of water for cleaning, wash-down and waste product discharge that contains a wide range of nutrients, including phosphorus.. This creates discharge problems that need to be addressed.
food & bev wash down

MetaMateria’s BIO-Lair and PO4 Sponge offer opportunities to lower nutrients to discharge level. We work with plant facility staff and environmental engineering firms to develop economical approaches for managing the removal of nutrients to appropriate levels.

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For More Information on MetaMateria and how BIO-Lair works, review information in the Bioremediation and PO4 Sponge tabs or contact Tim Marth at or 614-499-2617, or by download informative information sheets:

Removing Nutrients from Waste Water 
Biological Water Remediation 
Phosphorus Removal
Bioremediation and Wastewater Treatment  
PO4 Sponge: Phosphorus Removal From Low & High Level Sources 

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