Explore Partnering Ideas for New Products & Markets

MetaMateria’s strategy for commercialization is to establish partnerships with organizations and individuals, including investors, who take advantage of synergy created by integration of our products into environmental systems and equipment in order to provide competitive advantages and new market growth, especially for nutrient removal using PO4 Sponge and BIO-Lair products.

Utilization of MetaMateria capabilities is normally done through working relationships with environmental engineering or distributor organizations that serve existing markets with needs for improved solutions.

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MetaMateria is open to business relationships aligned to its interests for commercialization of its technologies and products. These may take the form of integrating MetaMateria products into new systems or existing product lines.  It may also result in a joint venture that integrates capabilities needed to address specific market needs or to accelerate business development in targeted markets.

MetaMateria is strongly motivated to see its technology widely used both in North America and internationally and welcomes business arrangements to accelerate commercial use.

To discuss ideas and possibilities, contact Richard Schorr directly at jrschorr@metamateria.com.