MetaMateria uses a unique, highly porous ceramic to support active materials that provide exceptional and cost-effective removal of contaminants found in water and even waste gas. These products offer longer life, shorter contact time and higher contaminant removal rates. A hierarchical pore structure allows high water flow rates through the media. The product is available in different sizes and shapes and can be packaged into cartridges to provide flexibility of use.

BIO Products The large surfaces of BIO media available for bacteria growth enhance bioremediation, which is nature’s way of dealing with many nutrients. These products provide over 100 times more surface for bio-growth than plastic and other products. Dramatically better bioremediation occurs resulting in over 5 times more bacteria in products 4surrounding water, which enhances effectiveness for beneficial bacteria to remove nutrients & pathogens in water or volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from waste gas. All BIO products are effective because they allow multiple colonies of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to co-exist within the structure, but composition differences can enhance performance further.

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BIO-DN further enhances nitrate removal by incorporating (along with aragonite) an electron donor (sulfur) that promotes growth of autotrophic bacteria colonies along with heterotrophic bacteria. This combination is effective in breaking down even higher concentrations of nitrates – up to 30 Kg of nitrate/day per cubic meter.

BIO-CA incorporates aragonite (a natural form of calcium carbonate) that buffers acidic conditions caused by anaerobic/heterotrophic bacteria, which increases bacteria effectiveness.

PO4 Sponge

The product uses nanotechnology to provide more sites for capture of phosphorus. Capacity is overwhelmingly higher than other natural and manufactured products. Once saturated, phosphorus can be removed and the product reused multiple times. PO4 sponge removes soluble phosphorus at both high and low concentrations and is effective for treating waste water or lower concentrations found in lakes, streams and agriculture water runoff.  Download Information on PO4 Sponge

PO4 Sponge
has a high capacity to capture soluble reactive phosphorus, typically 5-10 times more than other absorptive media. This can range from 25 g-P/kg-media at low levels to over 70 g-P/kg at higher concentrations. Performance comes from nano-iron oxyhydroxide acicular crystals grown on a high surface area platform (micrograph) that increase the
surface area from15 m2/gram to over 100 m2/gram. Soluble PO4 ions are absorbed by the many sites available. Phosphorus is removed well below 0.1 mg/L (0.1 ppm) and testing shows phosphorus continues to be absorbed over extended periods. Phosphate ions can be chemically removed and media reused and  PO4 ions recovered as phosphate compounds.  

Nano-Enhanced Products

Nano-materials provide effective removal and often recovery of metal ions, such as arsenic, lead, copper, nickel, and other transition metal ions, as well as remove trace compounds such as  pathogens, insecticides, and other trace compounds

High Surface Area Products

High surface area products (typically 125-250 m2/gram) containing silica compounds that allow attachment of charged ligands or surfactants can be used to remove compounds like perchlorate, chlorinated hydrocarbons.  Hybrid combinations can include the use of iron and copper nano-crystals.  

Specialty Materials

MetaMateria specializes in the creation and use of advanced materials that benefit the lives of others.  A key capability is our use of game-changing nanomaterials with reactive surfaces that make them particularly effective for environmental and other applications.

Nanomaterials are used to improve performance in almost all applications, including a use for batteries, fuel cells, thermoelectric devices, photovoltaics, electronics, coatings, gas and water membranes, and even nanocement, which can double the strength. MetaMateria is very selective and only pursues opportunities with partners with established markets.  Download Information on Specialty Materials