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MetaMateria’s BIO-Lair media is an excellent haven for microbial and probiotic bacteria that allow colonies to rapidly multiply. With BIO-Lair, many higher bacteria levels exist (5 times more) in the water where seafood is raised than occurs with other substrates. This means better ammonia control and less sludge produced.

Bacteria are Nature’s way to remove ammonia, nitrates and organic wastes; and enough bacteria can reduce blue-green algae, whose excretions affect the taste of seafood.

It stands to reason that more bacteria means cleaner water:

BIO-Lair works because it has over 100 times more surface for bacteria to grow. This allows a more effective control of ammonia and other contaminants in the water that weaken fish and provide probiotics to help marine life resist disease. Cleaner water results in healthier marine life, faster growth, less mortality, and reduced feed costs. All of this provides a quick payback and less contaminated water discharged into the environment.

BIO-Lair media is lightweight and available in a variety of shapes and sizes to optimize performance in your aquaculture application.  
What Amount Do I Need for My Aquaculture Environment? 
Fry | Larvae: 1lb/1000 gal or 120 grams/1000 L Raising in Tank: 2lbs/1000 gal or 240 gram/1000 L Pond: 25-35lbs/ acre or 40 Kg/Hectare locate in aerated water circulating by the media Inoculate with bacteria before using (when feasible) to more quickly establish bacteria colonies within the media.


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BIO-Lair media can be provided in many shapes and sizes and can contain aragonite and other beneficial materials.  To obtain maximum benefit, media is located in water circulation areas, so that multiplying bacteria can be carried throughout the water body. One particular shape are flat discs that can be arranged in a stack or inserted into netting to be hung in water. The stack shown is made of 8 inch diameter (20 cm) discs separated by 4 inch discs (10 cm). These can be hung in the water or attached to a base and located on the bottom of a tank or in a pond or anchored and floated (using Styrofoam).  Smaller discs can be placed in netting and hung into water.  The desired goal is for water to flow past the media surfaces to carry off bacteria.

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How Do I Get Started?
There are several ways to evaluate media, either with water from a Pond or Tank used to raise fish or other Marine Creatures. We have several starter kits available as well as testing programs that will allow you to see how our media works in your application.    For More Information on MetaMateria and how BIO-Lair works, download some of our PDF documents below. You can contact Tim Marth at or 614-340-1690. 

Learn more by downloading our informative information sheets:

Make Money Using BIO-Lair | Cleaner Water Leads to Bigger Harvest

Why Use Bacillius Bacteria?

Bio-Lair in Aquculture -- View Slides

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Nanotechnology-enhanced bio media has shown amazing results in a variety of challenging aquaculture environments where other solutions were ineffective.