About MetaMateria

MetaMateria Technologies is a privately held Advanced Materials company focused on the development of high performance, cost-effective solutions for environmental applications that improve water quality. MetaMateria has both considerable expertise in the use of nano-materials, as well as developing game-changing materials that enhance their performance. Unique process technology has been developed by key staff since 2003. Patents exist and others pending. Wide spread applications exist for our products and technology. While clean water is our primary focus, technology exists to make specialized materials, such as high performance superconductive powders and other specialty materials. 

MetaMateria strives to benefit other lives through cleaner water and materials. Emphasis is given to expand the use of its nutrient reduction products. We usually work with Partners who serve existing markets and want to provide their customers with better alternatives to improve water quality.

Revenue is from commercial sales of environmental products and engineering services and from government grants, industrial support and private investment for development and commercialization of its technology.

MetaMateria’s strategy for commercialization is to establish partnerships with organizations and individuals, including investors, who take advantage of synergy created by integration of our products with environmental systems or equipment in order to provide competitive advantages and new market growth. Bioremediation and phosphorus removal/recovery products are now sold in the U.S., with a limited expansion in other countries, including China.

MetaMateria’s Executive Team 

Dr. Richard Schorr, CEO-Founder, has over 35 years’ experience in management and technology development. He has been a Senior Executive and managed manufacturing companies before founding MetaMateria in 2002.

Mr. Tim Marth, VP-Business Development is responsible for new business opportunities and guiding the introduction of products into the environmental and advanced material markets, something he has done for 20 years.  He also directed major aspects of four green-field start-ups.

Dr. Suv Sengupta, Chief Technical Officer provides technical leadership for development and use of core technologies for environmental products and specialty materials.  Dr. Sengupta has technical experience in nano-engineered materials, including 5 years at the prestigious Argonne National Laboratory. 

Our History

MetaMateria uses novel technologies to create advanced materials. Special expertise in porous substrates and nanotechnology provides game-changing materials that enhance performance for cleaning water or providing specialty materials.

Our Solutions

BIO Products - enhance effectiveness of beneficial bacteria & remove nutrients/pathogens

Nano-Enhanced Products - effective Phosphorus removal - removal of metal ions, such as arsenic, lead, copper and many more - remove trace compounds: insecticide, pharmaceutical, pathogens

High Surface Area Products - remove perchlorate, hydrocarbons

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