Waste Water treatment

Water can become contaminated with many organics, ammonia and other compounds that use up oxygen and create unhealthy water conditions and unpleasant odors. To clean and rid water of these undesirable contaminants, bacteria and oxygen are required in sufficient amounts to oxidize, or breakdown, contaminants.

Bacteria are essential for natural recycling of nutrients throughout the environment and can biologically maintain healthy water. Bacteria can break down nitrogen, carbon, and even biologically incorporate phosphorus. This is nature’s way to control contaminants and, for a normal environment, existing bacteria can be sufficient. However excess contaminants, such as ammonia; and organics, such as proteins, oils, pathogens and other organics exist, and can require additional measures to mitigate.

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Using nanotechnology-enhanced Biomedia can be a highly effective and often times cost-saving solution for wastewater treatment plants.  Biomedia has proven itself as a more robust agent against certain types of contaminants.


Wastewater dischargeOur Bio-Lair Product allows large colonies of bacteria to co-exist and thrive on its high surface area. It is an ideal substrate for bacteria to reproduce at a much higher rate than other products.  Bio-Lair is a highly porous ceramic product available in many shapes to provide flexibility for use in water cleaning systems. Water easily flows through the product and can be packaged in durable plastic or nets for suspension in dirty water.  It has a long life, does not release harmful chemicals and can be cleaned, if needed. 

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To treat a broad range of contaminants, MetaMateria recommends the use of Bio-Lair with an environmentally safe bacteria blend.  This blend should contain four types of enzymatic Bacillus bacteria and pseudomonas bacteria that supplement naturally occurring bacteria in water.  This bacteria will out-compete algae for nutrients and keep algae blooms from forming. It is effective and will work at lower temperatures in the treatment of sludge, organics and other contaminants, even in low dissolving oxygen.

For More Information on MetaMateria and how BIO-Lair will work with your application, contact Tim Marth at Tmarth@metamateria.com or 614-340-1690.  Learn more by downloading these information sheets:

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